Lister House Sculpture Progress Report by Tim Shutter Artist/Sculptor            Feb 2018

Onwards and Upwards

The remaining stones that were cut last month were delivered to my studio on the 5th of February, unfortunately on close inspection the top turned stone was found to have two hairline cracks and will need to be cut again. However I am glad to say that all the other stones were excellent.The photo below shows the base stone, the rejected top stone in the foreground and two of the slabs that will be worked into a cylinder sprouting ten spheres like the roughed out stone beside them.






Masonry Dilemma Resolved

Last month I was trying to work out the best method for roughing out the stones for the body of the sculpture; through trial and error I came to the conclusion that they are best worked flat, rather than on their side. This means each stone only has to be turned once, although I have to be very careful that the two sides of each sphere lines up perfectly.  The middle photo shows this approach, as well as the tools that I am using; compasses and sinking square for setting out and a variety of chisels for use in a pneumatic hammer. I  have to be very careful not to cut away too much stone and leave the various knobs and projections like those that can be seen in the final photo as these will become noses and ears when I get on to the fine carving.

Lister House Presentation

Today the 14th Feb I was invited to give a short presentation about the sculpture and its progress to the Lister Medical centre patient support group.  This was a well-attended meeting and I was asked some searching practical questions. After the meeting several people were kind enough to express their support for this project, and hoped I had enough time to make all the heads, as do I!


You can download a copy of this progress report by clicking the link below

MJB Update Feb




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