The ‘Magic Jumping Bean’ Update Jan 2018

Lister House Sculpture Progress Report by Tim Shutter Artist/Sculptor            Jan 2018

Getting Started

I am happy to report that most of the stones have now been quarried and sawn. I have the first two rectangular slabs for the body of the sculpture in my Hackney studio. I started by setting out on both sides of the stones the basic geometry of a cylinder with ten projecting spheres, scribing in the lines that I will cut down to. I also marked out and drilled the sockets that will be used to fix the stones together with steel rods set in resin, as well as drilling a central socket that will be used to both lift and turn each stone.













How to do it?

With these first stones I will work slowly, trying to determine the most efficient approach to every operation, in the hope that with each subsequent stone there will be fewer decisions to make and the time needed to carve each stone will dramatically decrease. I was pleased to find a use for my rarely needed antique stone saw in reaching the narrow depths where an angle grinder cannot reach. Though I say it myself, I though the use of an iron bar as a central axle, so that I can easily lift and turn the stone like a wheel as I work on each sphere was an inspired idea; although quite soon, as the spheres take shape I will no longer be able to balance the stone on its edge.

The final photo shows my present dilemma, I cannot decide if the spheres should be worked across the block or perpendicular to it, both methods having their difficulties especially in the tight gap between the spheres. I may well find that I have to work half the stone across the block while I can stand it on its side, but I would need to change my approach when I have to lie the stone back down again; you will have to wait until the next update to find out if I have discovered a solution to this masonry dilemma!


You can download a copy of this progress report by clicking the link below

MJB Update Jan

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