Lister House Sculpture Progress Report by Tim Shutter Artist/Sculptor           July 2018

World Emoji Day

When sitting down to write this update Google informed me that today the 17th of July is the celebration of the fifth world Emoji day, so It is very appropriate that I have just finished carving another fifty!  I learnt that the modern Emoji was first devised for phones in 1999, the name in Japanese meaning ‘picture character’ and that there are now 1644 Emojis on the official Unicode list.
















The Finishing Touches

I am now starting to prepare the stones for installation. This has involved turning the stones upside down in order to resin three dowels into each one. Turning the finished stones without damaging them or bending the dowels meant I had to devise a fun method of turning them while they were suspended in mid-air using two chain blocks. I then checked that each stone fits into the sockets in the stone below, as you really would not want to discover that the sockets were misaligned during the final installation! I am now in the process of getting each stone to the same high finish, which mainly involves removing the chisel marks with files and sandpaper. Following this stage each stone will be pressure washed to remove any dust and dirt, allowed to dry and then treated with a waterproofing agent to deter the growth of algae and to keep that freshly carved look for longer. The top photo shows the dowels being fixed with epoxy resin, the middle photo was when I checked that the base and first stone fit together and the bottom photo shows the top two stones being fitted together whilst upside down.I now just have to determine and arrange all the small details of the installation for approval, as the next and final update, if everything goes to plan, should show the finished sculpture in all its glory standing proudly beside the gleaming new Lister House Health Centre.






You can download a copy of this progress report by clicking the link below

MJB Update July


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