Lister House Sculpture Progress Report by Tim Shutter Artist/Sculptor           April 2018

The Start of Phase Two

With the coming of spring I am starting the next phase of the sculpture.  All the roughing out has been completed and the detailed carving begins. Using smaller hand tools rather than power tools I am now no longer peering through a haze of stone dust, which makes a pleasant change. Working from the small clay maquettes developed for the initial design, this stage involves the carving of fifty ‘happy spheres’ though the change of material and scale means I need to keep making small changes to their designs.












April’s Happy Heads

So far I have finished one of the slabs with ten heads. I had a visit from a four year old whom I am glad to say liked the heads, especially the smiling star, but when she came back with her father half an hour later she wanted to see what new heads I had carved! At my present rate each head takes two or three days to complete, which means that I will have to keep up a steady rate of work to complete all the heads by the August deadline.








You can download a copy of this progress report by clicking the link below

MJB Update April


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